About Angela Peters

Hi, I’m Angela Peters. I’ve spent a very very long time (read that nearly two decades) working as an actor on screen and on stage in Australia, the UK, and Europe. I’ve had the lovely fortune to work on television shows like The Seven Network’s “Queensland’s Best Living” for a season, and other one off’s here and there, as well as Netflix, Amazon, Sky and iTunes movies. Over the years I’ve managed to build a CV of credits in award-winning feature films, national campaigns, and on the stage, while also having two babies, living through a pandemic, and a million other obstacles, and not quitting. Because I believe, we ALL get to be, do and create anything we want for ourselves, as long as we try!

But why do I tell you all this? Because I love to enthuse actors with stories on this lil B.A.B.E. blog as well as contributing to many other sites including Backstage, Casting Networks, Acting4Camera, Verite Magazine (when it was in publication), and more. And because I want to encourage YOU to win at this acting business! I want you to believe in yourself and go on and do great things. I’ve been running the UK Actors Tweetup in London for about a decade now, interviewing casting directors, agents, award-winning directors, and producers, as well as teachers, coaches, and more. I even founded the World Acting Summit a few years ago which was one hell of a feat – a completely free global online television show that ran for two weeks with international industry professionals chatting each day. Actors have a hard enough time as it is. Why not offer them access to speakers and people who can help them to be the very best version of themselves, as well as teaching them the stuff they won’t learn from drama school. ~

What is B.A.B.E.?

B.A.B.E. is Begin Acting. Be Everything.

See, the acting hype is real. Believe everything you read about it. It’s wonderful. Walking the red carpet, applause at a premiere, learning a new character, trying to nail that moment when the characters fall in love, meeting the big stars, waiting to be called on set, doing self tapes, hanging in rehearsals, moving an audience to tears. The only bit that’s not real is that silly voice in your head that tells you to be terrified. Don’t be. What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t star in a movie with Brad Pitt? So what. Trillions of other people never will either. Be everything you want to be, and dream the impossible.

To take the most beautiful lines from my favourite Aussie musician Pete Murray:

Don’t be scared of what you can not see, your only fear is possibility.


B.A.B.E. is about you creating your future.

If you feel like your career needs a boost, you need support understanding how to market yourself, work out what your brand is, write a better casting director or agent email, chat about what you could do to improve your acting results, then time with me might be just what you need. I’ve coached and mentored 100’s of actors and business people over the years and it’s one of my favourite things to do. It’s probably better to read more about that on my mentoring page. But suffice to say, even if that’s not the right direction for you, I want to help you as much as possible, so do feel free to subscribe, or check back here each month and see my latest advice. If I can help you with just one little thing, I’ve done my job!


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B.A.B.E. Resources

In this industry you need the coach, you need the agent, you need the discipline, and you need to do the work. So here are some resources to help you succeed


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