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Begin Acting. Be Everything.

Welcome to the world of CREATE, where a planner helps you plan for your ultimate acting success.

Excited about life

Are you tired of doing jobs you hate?

Are you sick of not auditioning enough?

Are you wanting to earn enough money as an actor so that you don’t have to have other jobs?

Do you want more casting directors and directors to want to see you for roles?

Do you dread when it’s time to pay your rent?


If you answered YES to any or all of the above, then I (Angela Peters) am so glad you stopped by. Being able to answer NO to these questions isn’t magic. It’s something everyone can do.

 You have the opportunity to change everything, and to live the acting life you’ve always dreamed of living. 


All you need is a little hand in showing you how you go about it. Someone to guide you through your personal pain points so you don’t keep hitting the same blocks over and over and over again. Because trust me, that’s what we often do as humans. But we don’t need to.

There are other ways. You can have it all.

Begin Acting. Be Everything. It’s the whole ethos behind this blog, and why I coach and mentor actors. B.A.B.E. is here to help actors to Begin Acting and to Be Everything they imaged that they could be. Plus some.

I built my whole brand around this belief.

I truly believe that you can create your own star and live a life of acting bliss. And now it’s my honour to be able to help you do it.


Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

I would love to introduce you to the CREATE acting planner and workbook.

If you are in the UK you can pre-order your copy right now by clicking here on Amazon. And if you pre-order before the 29th January and send me an email with your order confirmation on email to let you know that you did it, then I have a bunch of extra bonuses for you.

You can see all the bonuses right HERE.

Inside the CREATE acting planner
How to CREATE your own star
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This planner takes all of my, Angela Peters, experience…and 20+ years of working with clients….and gives you powerful tools to systematically work towards your acting transformation, step by step. Wouldn’t you love to take the guesswork out of becoming a full time working actor?!

Of course you would! Let your acting transformation begin.


IT’S ALL THERE FOR YOU….you just have to open the pages and begin

Let’s take a little peek into the CREATE planner and what it will do for you.

The chapters (Acts) of CREATE

♥ Act 1

Celebrates your current successes. Working through a series of exercises designed to flesh out your past wins and map out what you’re great at, you’ll identify in plain sight just how much you’ve already achieved and what you’re brilliant at. It will give you the confidence to move forward…and to keep dreaming of those big goals!

♥ Act 2

Act Two

Explores areas for development in your own life. You get a chance to tackle your biggest acting challenges head on and make realistic plans for ways to avoid this happening again. This chapter alone creates powerful shifts in an actor’s psyche.

♥ Act 3

Here we go deep. It is time to delve into your first thoughts and feelings behind your love of and interest in a career in acting. After all, you need to understand why you love it, and where that love came from in the first place. From here you start to examine exactly what you want – be that financially, work-wise, and even how big you want your social media following to be.

♥ Act 4

This is your dramatic climax, where you pen down all your passions and dreams into actionable quantifiable goals. It’s the getting-down-to-business part of your journey; the nuts and bolts of your success planning for the career you’ve been dreaming of. You create quantifiable plans using strategies that have proven to work for me and and for my mentee’s time and time again.

♥ Act 5

Crosses into the relationship elements of your acting career – what is your relationship to others? Let’s talk through who can become part of your entourage, to help you in your journey to making your exciting new dream goals become your reality. Here you’ll get ideas on exactly why these other acting people are so important on your journey to complete acting freedom.

♥ Act 6

Discover how the modern world of positive psychology and wellbeing is all encompassing and how it can work for you. It is just as important as letter writing and goal planning. You are given a chance to explore ways to create new excellent daily habits that will be life affirming, and good for you, the actor.

♥ Finale

A celebration of all you have achieved by working through CREATE, and quite literally creating a new plans for a successful acting career. This is the first phase before you go out and make it happen (by the Finale, it will have already started I’m sure). And remember, you can come back this book each and every time you need to reinvigorate your career, or change tact.

The sooner you buy this book, the sooner you can start planning for your magical acting career, the way YOU always imagined it to be.

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The Law of Attraction and goal setting has been proven to increase our chances of getting what we want time and time again. So don’t wait for someone else to live your dreams, plan and manifest your own!

THE WHY, from Angela?

Angela Peters actress

Hi, I’m Angela. I am an experienced and accomplished actor who been helping actors and mentoring actors for over a decade, as well as working in the industry myself (so I know how it all really works). As an expert writer for Backstage, having published works in Casting NetworksThe Stage, and various other acting blogs and publications, as well as a highly read and publicised award-winning blog for actors, I’m considered an authority in the business of acting, and creating positivity in your career.

I’ve worked on huge movie sets, I’ve been cast as a hero on numerous international commercials, worked on stage, been in cinema released movies and can even be seen on Amazon from time to time, as well as voicing huge commercials and brands. A psychology degree under my belt too, along with years of acting experience, as well as mentoring actors and business professionals, has given me a unique insight into how people best change their habits, and improve their performance. It all happens using practical business skills along with some magical transformative thought processes. And let’s face it, business skills are what most actors lack. Let me help you!

I am passionate about helping you have the career you always imagined. I truly believe hand-on-my-heart that there is enough space in the industry for anyone who wants to do it. You just need a willingness to work hard, and to follow your heart and your goals in equal proportions!

Making CREATE has been an absolute dream for me because now I have a way to help thousands of actors around the globe to work on their careers with more structure and less guesswork. And because it’s in book form, it means you can return to your planner time and time again to get that success surge anytime you need it.

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