A manifesto is a declaration to the universe about who you are and what you want to be.

Ever a strong believer in manifestos and the power of creating your own true life-manifesto for well-being and happiness, I want to share my B.A.B.E. manifesto with you.

Take from it as you like. But more importantly, find your own manifesto and free your mind to be everything you imaged and more!

BABE Manifesto

This is the B.A.B.E. manifesto for us, our clients and for everything we do. At our core is a fundamental belief that there’s room for every actor who wants to create the awesome acting life they always dreamed to have. They can have it now or later, or whenever they’re ready. But wouldn’t right now be better!

And if you fancy reading more about manifestos, you can read what I wrote about Manifesto’s here about them for Waiting for the Call. It’s a great site too with lots of wonderful stuff for actors. Check it out.

And if you think working on a manifesto together with a mentor from B.A.B.E. might be just what you need, why not check out the Acting Mentoring page.

B.A.B.E. is about you creating your future.


Acting Mentor

Learn how to take your experience and create more acting opportunities. Book in a session with an acting mentor to help propel your career into awesomeness.

Industry Meet & Greets

Meet an agent or Casting Director for a one-to-one session. Learn from the best in an informal environment where you don't have to feel the pressure of that 'big meeting'.

B.A.B.E. Resources

In this industry you need the coach, you need the agent, you need the discipline, and you need to do the work. So here are some resources to help you succeed

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