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An acting to-do list to help you keep busy indoors while it’s quiet outside.


Here’s a to-do list of 10 cool things you can do right now to stay on your acting A-game

Right now half of the planet is stuck at home sitting on their couch wondering when they will be allowed to go and hang at a cafe or bar again. For actors, we are all wondering when we can get back to auditions and performing. Right?

Nothing says boredom like the tenth Netflix box set. And nothing feels worse than not being able to do what you love whenever you feel like it! So, in the interests of keeping you busy and ready for when you can act again, we have put together a cheeky little to-do list; an activity list of sorts. Because you can do stuff from home even while there’s a pandemic taking place outside your window.

And then, when the time comes that you’re no longer locked indoors, you’ll be on your A-game, ready to go out there and book acting work again. We hope you enjoy it!

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