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As actors it’s all about the where, how and what. It is about ‘doing’. You need the coach, you need the agent, you need the discipline, you need to do the work.

So here are some resources to help you along. And if you have something I should know about, please email me at

Oh and here is my personal manifesto to life:


“There’s no time like the present to sweep the world off its feet!

Acting Inspiration 

A Path Appears

A Path Appears, acting inspirationComing out soon (Jan/Feb 2015) is a three part series that is guaranteed to affect you! Absolutely guaranteed. You can see the trailer from the link on this page. These issues are so important. This is the year to make a real difference for women globally. You guys, if you’ve been reading B.A.B.E. for any length of time, will know I am a passionate advocate of positive change towards women. I am happy to be called a feminist. And you can read why on this post:

Acting and Directing Partnership

Acting and Directing Partnership, acting inspirationI am a big fan of the work that this team are doing in the UK. They brought Robert Marchand out to the UK last year (2014) for the first time after the success of his courses in Australia and LA. And they have been running other courses as well to help actors.

You can find out more about the workshops with Robert here. And keep an eye out for Diana and the team running other programs throughout the year.

The Voice Cafe

The Voice Cafe, acting inspirationEver a fan of learning accents as an actor, I cannot speak highly enough of Lindsey, my voice coach, or of her incredible The Voice Cafe. Feel free to check it out. Lindsey has some incredible options for people who fancy using the site to regularly practise an accent or dialect, or to do additional study in between one on one lessons. There is also a new blog with posts up monthly offering tips and information about dialects.

Click on The Voice Cafe and see if it’s right for you. There are loads of options for monthly, annual and other subscriptions.

The Amazing Biz and Life Academy

Amazing Biz and Life academySo I have learnt a thing or two (or a million) from the lovely Leoni Dawson and that is why I always suggest her to ladies who are working on ten million things, just like me. Leoni isn’t an actor (though I’m sure she would be great) and she doesn’t do anything related to acting (again I bet she would nail it) but what she does do is provide powerful tools to help you reach new levels of success. As you’ve seen from me before, I bought this book two years running and have found it wonderful in helping me get my goals in place for a ridiculously successful year.

She also goes one step further and offers ongoing support via the Amazing Biz and Life Academy. The The Amazing Biz and Life Academy is a divinely-guided, wildly-affordable and deeply-powerful success library that’s just a fraction of the cost you see elsewhere. It’s a training library jam-packed with programs, meditations and kits to transform your business and life to that next level, unless you prefer to come and do it with me in mentoring sessions live, of course. Finally, it will also give you access to an incredible mastermind of almost 3000 women (just like you) who can help you with much needed brainstorming, support and guidance.


Helen-Mirren-helen-mirren-32853620-2000-2020A brilliant interview with Helen Mirren on performing, thanks to Ideas Tap.

Listen to a bunch of experts in our industry share their insights, thanks to BAFTA Guru.  The episode features Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Farrell, Jim Broadbent, James McAvoy & Hugh Dancy.



Acting blogs I adore and read frequently:

Anthony Meindl around the world

Paul Barry based in LA

Erin Cronican based in New York

Ben Hodge Studios based in the PA

Nic Redman based in the UK

Carrie Daniel based in LA

James Devereaux based in the UK

Ben Whitehair based in LA

Rachael Naylor based in London

The Social Generation

World rocking blog posts by people:

The Goal

What others leave for you to keep

The Practical Benefits of Outrageous Optimism

Celebrate The Person You’ve Become

10 Unuseful Truths


Got a blog you’d like think I might like to share? Why not email me to check it out.

Other places I write and contribute: 

acting4cameraActing4Camera I’ve been here a few times and love both contributing to and reading the wonderful acting blog by Paul Barry.

Vérité Magazine – This online magazine covers everything you need to know verite magazineabout independent film and is dedicated to offbeat, independent and foreign-language cinema.

Britflicks Reviews and thoughts on films I love

Jody Medland’s blog – Jody is a writer with a wonderful collection of books, scripts and more. 

Britflicks siteWaiting for the Call I have written for this incredible acting site and love their contribution to actors everywhere. 

30ish Me I am a regular contributor of this wonderful 30-something blog for women.

 superb cast

“Whether it’s a poem or a short film or a painting or a piece of theatre, whatever it is, finish it. Let it go and move onto the next thing.

 – Kate Tempest on finishing work.

“Acting deals with very delicate emotions. It is not putting up a mask. Each time an actor acts he does not hide; he exposes himself.

Rodney Dangerfield

What’s your personal acting inspiration? You can share with me via Twitter, my B.A.B.E. Facebook page, or by dropping me an email


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