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About the World Acting Summit

In case you haven’t heard, I co-founded the World Acting Summit with the lovely Steve Trister and we launched it globally (the title gives it away doesn’t it) on the 31st March 2014 for two weeks. The program was entirely FREE and we had actors around the world logging on live to view the interviews with leaders around the globe including Casting Directors, Agents, actors, acting coaches and more. And we want to bring it back again in 2016.

The best bit is most of the interviews can still be found right here on our permanent YouTube channel. And if you enjoy the content, we would LOVE you to join Steve Trister on the next one. And in between we offer a host of other information, programs, advice and useful acting tips by way of weekly emails and FB updates. Simply click on this link below and sign up. And feel free to share the news with friends and family and dogs and pets via twitter and facebook.

The World Acting Summit has arrived. Join us now.

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