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Ever a fan of telling a story, I’ve been writing for years now for various publications, as a blogger, a screenwriter, a copy-writer, novelist and more. The most important thing is that my work hits the spot for the reader. I don’t want to say the same thing that everyone else is saying. Won’t that be dull. Unoriginal content bores me too.

As you may know from my occasional B.A.B.E. rants, I certainly believe that honesty is the best policy. Also if you are armed and dangerous with real knowledge about the area you work in or want to be a part of, you won’t be disappointed later on. And if you are clicking on something to read while you’re on the way to the office, you don’t want it to be….yawn…boring!

As a writer my past publication credits include writing for The Stage, the UK’s largest publication for theatre and film, Verite Magazine (sadly it’s closed its magazine doors now), and Pen Works Media’s The Emerging Light Series.Angela Peters screenwriter

As well as physical publications I’ve been all over the acting arena writing for BackstageHonest Actors Blog,The Stage, Casting Networks, Acting 4 Camera, World Acting Summit, Britflicks, Waiting for the Call, and The Spread (CinemaJam). I also have pieces coming out in some other publications shortly. Gosh, I’m tripping over all the names that I’m dropping

So one last group of writing examples before I move on. When I am not shouting about acting and industry news, I have been spotted doing some freelance copywriting for a whole bunch of organisations from Webdadi, and Hand-i Communication, through to 30ish meiD Experiential, and Clarion Training (too many other organisations to name), as well as writing as a ghost writer (just like those Ghostbusters, but less sticky).

If you think I might be the right lady to help you, please do get in touch and we can talk further about what you’d like me to write for you and how I can help. I’d happily work with you on anything acting, voiceover or film related. Or I can work with you on commercial copy, website copy, branding, social media and more. As long as you have a good story you want to tell, I’m here to help you work out how best to say it.

Oh and I have written an acting book. I’ll have more news on the launch later this year, but for now, if you want to get on my VIP invite list (which includes a launch party and fun stuff!), click here.

Some of the organisations and brands I have written for and been published with:

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Some of the accolades I have received:

winner of best acting blog