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A note to my younger self

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When I started out in drama school (more than 15 years ago now) it all seemed a lot simpler. Work hard in class, do your hours of homework, be disciplined and focused, and follow your predecessors once you out. That is, find a decent agent, get auditions, book jobs. What I wasn’t¬†prepared for is the...

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Banging on and on…

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I spend a lot of time banging on about good sh&t. I know I do. People tell me I do. And people often despairingly ask “how do you keep so positive?” Want to know the secret? I don’t. Fact. I get down just like you. I get grumpy just like you. I get frustrated, annoyed,...

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Hiding behind a little veil of fake mediocre middledom

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So you have these wicked friends of yours and they are nailing it…they’re getting the gigs, getting the twitter followers, getting paid for their acting services, getting seen for bigger jobs and more and more and more. And then they see you and all they do is complain about their lack of everything. And you’re...

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