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How to…for acting websites in The Stage this week

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How is your acting website on a scale of 1-10? Would you say people rave about it? Do they come back and look at it again and again? Is your bounce rate higher than a basketball in a game with Michael Jordan?… Yes you know I love to talk about branding and stereotypes and emails to Casting...

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Part 5. GUEST POST: Showreels For The Twenty-first Century – Part Two

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Earlier in the week I was delighted to share with you a guest post from Paul Barry about showreels and the do’s and don’ts – as part of the actor branding series. I am now back to share Paul’s second blog on following on from this very topic. And in case you missed the first...

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Part 4. GUEST BLOG: Showreels For The Twenty-first Century (part one)

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I would like to introduce the amazing and talented Paul Barry here to contribute to the branding series for actors. Paul has been an actor for over a decade, working on film and television. He also taught at the very prestigious NIDA in Australia for many years and (but wait there’s more) he owns and runs...

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